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Midwest Bee Packages

2024 Bee Packages available now!
Our Georgia certified, southern raised bee packages are delivered by a family of experienced beekeepers in our centralized Ohio location here in the midwest

How it works

  • Pick Your Truck

    We generally make 4-5 trips each spring. Each trip is first come first serve, with limited room.
    Leibengood Truck
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  • Pick Your Bees

    There are many options to choose from: we offer Italian or Russian Hybrid strain and different marking and clipping options as well.
    Leibengood Truck
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  • Choose Number of Boxes

    Each load can contain 450 packages, but space in each shipment goes fast.
    Leibengood Truck
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  • Bee Delivery!

    In most cases, the tentative pickup date will be the official date of pickup, unless changes occur closer to that time.
    Leibengood Truck

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