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Space Available:

Early April Delivery – April 10th 2024


*After ordering bees, and as the date of delivery approaches, please check your email spam filter for necessary updates regarding your order. We will send you updates on where and when to pick up your bee packages. 

Our bees are Georgia certified, southern raised packages delivered by a family of experienced beekeepers here in the midwest. Every package is going to be marked, the packages have 3 or 4 pounds of bees a marked queen in cage and feed.

New for 2024, our new Carniolan / Caucasian cross breed are rare production queens bred in Georgia from Breeder Queens Produce in Ohio by Dr. Joe Latshaw.

Now that you have picked your truck you can:

1. Choose your bee breed: We offer Italian, Russian, or Carniolan / Caucasian Bees
2. Choose 3Lb or 4Lb Package
3. Most importantly choose the amount of boxes desired, add to cart and check out!

We are not responsible for bees once they are in your care. Before you leave, make sure your queen before you leave to make sure she is alive.

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